June 13th, 2006


Fox & Ratty's Adventures in IRS Land, 3

Eventually, with help from the hotline (automatic answer, this was obviously a very common bug) I could send my IRS form into the Web... Foxy too!
Where it comes to payment
Otherwise everything would be fine if my Patapouf hadn't disappeared since Thursday (I stuck posters in the village) and Vanille doesn't get a big bloody sore in her neck. I'll have to "capture" her to take her to the vet. Easier said than done. And always this heat. Grmph.
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Faked autographs >o(

Another issue of this oh-so-badly faked autograph? I couldn't resist, I wrote to the seller, advising her to act vs her own provider ROTFLMAO

Seeing the huge collection of autographs she's selling (all of them probably forged as well) I'm starting to wonder if this is not Fraülein Jane Doe, the one with the suckers-convention...

Funny side, if you have spare time :o) just watch her two "Original Autogramm" of Uma Thurman -abso-fucking-lutely different!!! That bitch could make an effort... Talking of the seller, not Uma LOL
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