June 15th, 2006


Patapouf News

My poor Poupouf didn't look very vivid so I took him to the vet (thanks to Muriel, my house-cleaning lady who noticed he didn't move the way he's used to). Right, I should have had him checked immediately, yesterday, but I was so happy to have him back... The lady vet told me he was deeply dehydrated-obviously he remained locked inside for 4 or 5 days w/o eating or drinking and it was scorching heat. She kept him under perfusion and called me back, because his kidneys have been damaged. She really can't tell right now if he'll be okay or not. She said some cats a little over 1g of urea don't heal but she saw others with more than 4g recovering. He's a little over 2. I know the problem only too well as Paul suffers from the same thing.
I didn't tell Paul about the kidney thing, no reason to alarm him if not necessary.
So no cartoons for now, I'm not in the mood, but if when Patapouf is okay, you'll be granted a special one with a very awful pun, promised.
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