June 16th, 2006


Patapouf News, 2

I think he's doing better. He ate a little this morning. I saw him - he gave me so much cuddles that I couldn't let go of him, it was hard :o)
Karine (our lady-vet) said she already gave him more than one liter of perfusion and he made a tiny pee (half a banknote!), so you can see how dehydrated he was. Yet we'll be sure only tomorrow after a second blood analysis. But he looks more vivid than yesterday, no doubt, and Karine seems reasonably optimistic.
Huge thanks to all my friends who sent good vibs to him (and me). Go on with them, it works!!!
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"Ratrix Hero"

Just watched this short movie on TV. It has its own site, very well made, and you can download the movie (three different sizes).
It's a Matrix parody, main part played by... a rat. Hilarious and amazing! A little jewel, don't miss it.
Downloading the Flash menu is long enough, even with DSL, so be patient, it's worth it.
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