July 7th, 2006


Fox & Ratty cartoon of the day: Kyle 01

Thank you very much to whoever uploaded the 1st episode of Kyle XY on YouTube - as iTunes and ABC Family denied non-US dwellers to watch it online... I must add that Matt Dallas speaks in a clear, educated and perfectly understandable voice, so I didn't miss a lot of the story :o)
Kyle 01
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Funny French Foot (Soccer!)

A delicate attention:
Next Sunday (as last Wednesday) the WC France/Italy finale will be shown on giant screen at our village's City Hall. There's small posters everywhere telling about it. And at the bottom of the poster, it is made clear:
"Pizzas will be sold at the entrance."
Now what? No camembert on a slice of bread? No ham/butter sandwich? France, ta cuisine fout le camp !
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