September 29th, 2006


I need a technical advice

My laptop (Fujitsu Amilo notebook) starts each time with a wrong date/hour. I have to fix it with the Bios Setup Utility. Otherwise it works okay, and it's not infected (checked).

R'ingTFM and calling the hot-line, the answer is perhaps the emergency battery is empty, either this or... I'll have to change the mother-board >o/. The hot-line says to have the puter sent to them for checking, for... 2 or 3 weeks. Aaaarrgh! Unfortunately the Bios Setup "advanced" section gives a warning about possible wrong values in IDE configuration, which could mean the mother-board. Ouch. Yet a restoration point at an earlier date (before the problem started) gives the same values and warning.

Another manual (for a slightly different model) advises to keep the laptop on main supply for 48 hours (keeping it turned off, I suppose) to reload the emergency battery. I'd be happy if this could confirm the origin of the problem before I part with my lappy for so long a time...

Does anybody had this kind of problem with her/his laptop? Please?

BTW, if any of you received a mail from me with a wrong date, it was before I found out about the problem, sorry.
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