April 24th, 2007


Canucks win 4-1

THEY DID IT!!! Canucks are in for 2nd round! Wooooooh!!!!
Okay, now I'm going to bed. Hey, it's 5:50am here... And you know what? I'm *not* yawning!
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Fox & Ratty Cartoon Of The Day: Canucks vs Stars, game 7

Woof, what a night! Oh my Goodness!
This isn't an exact photography as Canucks played with their other sweater (easier to draw, I should have looked before LOL) but I'm following on the radio as you know, so I'm just aware of the colours...
From left to right, Roberto "Louie" Luongo, who stopped any but 1 shot; the Sedin twins, Daniel and Henrik (who tied the game 1-1 in the 2nd period); and Lukas Krycek Krajicek, who didn't score or assist, just did his job, but is obviously Ratty's favourite player...
Canucks vs Stars, game 7
Next Vancouver will meet Anaheim's Ducks (is Skinner still there??) on Wednesday.
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