June 23rd, 2007


Huge Storm Hits France =^o^=

Naaaaaaaaaah, there's no catastroph here! All the contrary!!!! LOL
I just mean "Category 7" will air on French TV next Wednesday for the 1st time. French title is "Cyclone catégorie 7", subtitled "Tempête mondiale" (on M6).

And "Threshold" is re-airing on Friday, under title "ADN Alien" (on W9).

There's also Piper Maru+Apocrypha on Wednesday too, but this is less unusual ("L'épave", 1 & 2, on Série-Club).

A good way to celebrate Nick's birthday :oD
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More on M.L. Rhodes

Not only does she writes hot novels but she's also a very nice person. She kindly answered my e-mail and gave me more details.
Among else, you can buy her works in e-book form at Amber Quill Press. The "Amber Allure" section is dedicated to Gay and Lesbian novels. The process is fast and easy (I chose pdf format).
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