July 26th, 2007


Yup, it's *our* Nick...

A member of "Twisted Siskel" was kind enough to enter our discussion at biani's LJ and confirm that Nick is singing with the band... I quote:

"It was a fun gig, although we started pretty late (1130) and Nick was worried about his voice. Turns out that he has a great vocal tone, a smoky purr, you'd love it. He crooned several tunes including his reggae-fied slow version of "Let's Dance" with Ian Tracey on guitar."

OMG, <somewhat fainting>, just try to imagine Nick's voice singing the lyrics of "Let's Dance"? I've always had a crush on Bowie's breaking voice when singing that one. Ok, I'm definitely swooning. Bring on Eau des Carmes, will you? More cartoons are coming from thin air. Foxy is putting his red shoes on and turning the radio on :o) Wait, *red shoes*? Must be those of this naughty diary, ahem.
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