September 20th, 2007


Desperately searching for a song title...

... which is best known with a video clip, being a cartoon, featuring a band of musician bugs, one of them a grasshopper, happily frolicking in jungle (or well blossoming nature). If I say the tune goes "La lala lala lala lalaaaa", it won't help! But it's telling of everybody, love, understanding, and NO, it's not "Everbody needs love", or "All you need is love", or "Love and Understanding", or "Peace, love and understanding"... I checked all of these, nah.
The song is very happy, merry, dancing, swinging, kinda you can't help stomping your feet. Closest rhythm would be "All you need is love", if this can help, but I repeat, it's *not* that one.
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