December 5th, 2007


A Nick week on French Sci-Fi

With Burning Zone's "Le temple du serpent" (Dec.12, 01:44),
And Sliders:
"Un monde parfait" - Dec.13 (18:20), Dec.14 (15:55), Dec.15 (02:47)
"Un monde mystique" - Dec.14 (18:20), Dec.15 (03:31), Dec.17 (15:55)

Mom's News

Not a lot, I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday on the phone because the phone number they gave me for her room was wrong. In vain.
This morning I called again, asking directly for the phone service, and the standard lady (another one, obviously far more efficient) told me she was taking care of it. She had the problem fixed in 15'! So I called Mom in the morning and in the afternoon.
She's no more in bed but sitting in a chair, watching TV :o). Still eating soft food (mashed stuff, protidic energy drinks, juice). The physician told her she could be back home next week, she said; but I think she heard what she wanted to, I'll know more tomorrow when meeting the doctor. I don't think she's strong enough to be back so soon, or she'll need almost continuous help, but this we can find. Of course she'd feel better at home, with her dear cats LOL

Now I'm back to the calendar... Colouring June and the BD cake.
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