July 9th, 2008

tom foss

F&R Cartoon: France Telecom

France Telecom
France Telecom is the former state phone service. It's now private but as many people I've remained a customer. This morning I had to call their technical service because Mom's line was dead. They kept me on hold for almost a quarter of an hour to no avail, on my cell (paying call). I eventually called from the fixed phone at home and was immediately and kindly answered. Then I called the commercial service to ask if I could be refunded (following advice from the technical service). When harshly answered "No!" I allowed myself to shyly suggest I could have been put on hold because the cell call was on another operator, the guy called me a "paranoiac". And when I felt surprised to be treated this way by a customer service, it only went worse... The final word being, "We're no more a public service and customers should get used to it." 'Final' because I hang up, the guy going on ranting!