August 12th, 2008


Efficiently bandaging a cat's paw: a demo by Fox & Ratty

Mom's cat Pomponnet has been badly injured in the foreleg, and the vet says it will take at least 2 weeks (perhaps one full month) to fully heal.
She's using a way of protecting his primary bandage I didn't know of and which proves very efficient- all of you who own are owned by cats know that it's almost impossible to keep them from tearing at their bandage. What's more you don't need to use duct tape directly on the skin or fur under it.
She's using tubular bandage.

Here's how it works:
1) Take a good length (at least 60 cm, or 2 feet), and cut along in half keeping uncut a sufficient length to protect the leg:
Bandage 1
2) Make a solid knot at the uncut end:
Bandage 2
3) Slip the tubular bandage on the foreleg:
Bandage 3
4) Pass one of the "ribbons" around the chest, under the un-injured foreleg and make a good knot in the back:
Bandage 4
5) Don't forget the Elizabethan collar, of course:
Bandage 5
I suppose this can be adapted easily enough to a hind leg.