September 21st, 2008


“Dancing Trees”- My review

Here's an excellent movie, and Nick's part is more important than we thought first.

At last, a realistic movie. People are normal, they're not continuously hysterical, they don't live in slums or first class houses... The detective played by Nick– I didn't catch his name, I think it's McGuire but I'm not quite sure —doesn't walk with his gun in hand, he doesn't romantically fall for the leading lady or think only with his dick, he's just doing his job and respects the rules...

Starting plot:
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Nick's part if short (but longer than we thought, bis) is interesting as he succeeds in making his character evolve. He starts like a cop working by the book, uneasy and taken aback at first by Martha, but eventually accepting by compassion, not quite to bend the rules, but to help Nicole as much as he can for Martha's good.

The movie's been directed by Ann Wheeler, who made "The Investigation", another honest and realistic movie. I want to especially mention Katie Boland who gives an exceptional impersonation of Martha, a very difficult role. Brooke Burns plays with a lot of self-restraint when many actresses would have done drama queens. She's a good match to Nick.
I think you could place this movie between "Moving Malcolm" and "The Investigation".

Playing games? How many cops did Nick play? How many times did he run in a forest?
And on the funny side, I saw that on a table...
Dancing Trees and Ratty