April 30th, 2009

final fantasy

Amaury Vassili

I just discovered this morning, through an interview on Radio-Classique, this young French tenor (he's 19) who has one of the most fabulous voices I ever heard. Strong, direct, clear, velvety, powerful and amazingly breath-taking! On his first CD he sings as well "classics" like "The Godfather" theme ("Parla Piu Piano"), than Leonard Cohen ("Hallelujah"), Queen ("Who Wants to Live Forever") or Elgar ("Lucente Stella" on "Pomp and Circumstances")...

He's been singing on stage since he was 9 and says he's very at ease there, the more people, the happier he is! Despite my health and familial situation I really hope I'll be able to watch and listen to him live at least once.
And he's truly handsome too :o).

You may listen to extracts and legally download songs (for a cheap price!) on VirginMega or to "Lucente Stella" on YouTube (there's other songs too of course).

Really it's been a very long time I hadn't such a musical shock.