July 21st, 2009


Nick Lea in "Burn Notice" this week?

From buzz here and there it seems Nick should be in this week ep of "Burn Notice" called "Shot in the Dark" (not in the face this time LOL), on July 23.

"Alex Krycek is going to be on this week's Burn Notice. Alex Krycek and his younger twin!"

" Kay Duncan: Nick, you were so much fun to work with on the set of Burn Notice this last week. You, Jay and Darryl Baldwin (aka the three Muskateers) were absolutely hilarious together. The three of you had the entire crew laughing so hard during the final scene. Too much fun!
May 9 at 12:08pm"

I don't know who's Kay Duncan but Darryl Baldwin is quoted in this episode's cast on Imdb and Jay should be Jay Harrington (Eric Luna).
Nick isn't quoted on Imdb. From the facebook post the shooting would have taken place on the week before May 9, 2009.