October 2nd, 2009


Nick pics, alphabets and weight

I won those ebay items, 4 Nick pics from Kyle XY. Man, it's been years I didn't buy any, but everything proposed I already had in my album... Of course I'll share when I get them.

On the Japanese front, I'm done with hiragana and starting to learn katakana. I wouldn't do the mistake to go on with following lessons w/o having both well anchored in my old brains. Fufu ("sardonic laughter" says my book), I'm trying to learn it a little by myself and with a funny manual, and that's just to read raw manga. Or at least, to try.

And 3), after a whole month of starving, eating and not slimming (fortunately I just stagnated), I went under the 205 pounds mark this morning. That's 29 lost from the very start.
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