December 21st, 2009


Fox & Ratty 2010 Calendar

I wasn't sure to draw a calendar this year but eventually I did.
As I didn't work for over two months, the drawings are in no way as detailed as former years'. Only the characters and main props are coloured, scenery is very simple and just black lines.
It's already late, so if you wish to print them by yourself with some on line made calendar, I can send them to you for free by mail as a zip file (it's still over 3Mb, each pic is 2835x2008 px).
Otherwise, I can have them printed as usual by Photoways, same formats, at the same price, €20.00 for wall and €15.00 for desk plus shipping, with English or French captions.
The theme is Zodiac, and I used the longest sign of the month, ie Capricorn for January. Selfish, I wanted to have Leo in August :o).
2010 F&R Calendar cover