February 11th, 2010

Cloud goggles

A few snowy shots

Several snow falls this winter, and holding to the ground. We're not used to that anymore... Yesterday we even had a tiny blizzard! Of course I had to go to the next town for some X-rays with a cab, and as there was almost nothing when living I kept my clap-shoes. Back, I had to walk some 45' in the snow waiting for a bus (no cabs...) to keep my toes, not warm, but not totally frozen XD
Anyway I had to take some shots in the garden...
A frozen forgotten rosebud:
Frozen rosebud
Some icicles under the veranda roof:
Icicles under the veranda
A mirabelle tree branch under the snow:
Mirabelle tree under the snow
More icicles and snow:
Icicles and snow
The lion statue under the snow:
Lion statue under the snow
One of the lilac tree:
Lilac tree in blue
Pomponnet the cat against the light:
Cat agaisnt the light