September 18th, 2010


Mentally ill fluffy toys...

After reading a short article in my newspaper (Libération) about those weird toys, I went to the shop and immediately chose Dolly for my best friend, who suffers schizophrenia. From somebody else she could have felt upset, but coming from me it was quite ok; when I read the article to her on the phone she was LHAO!
Dolly was sheeped shipped very fast, she comes with a detailed letter from the doctor who took care from her at the clinic to the new doctor who's going to have her in his/her care. The site is in German and English, but the letter was written in excellent French (not Google translation at all). I couldn't resist opening the bag to "try" the transformation of the sheep into a wolf and back... This is quite amazing and so cute.
Highly recommended for fun and love.