December 19th, 2010


Of cat and snow

Our dear Pomponnet, contrary to a sentence in my last Japanese exercise, is a STUPID CAT (ばか猫)! Why, though he's neutered, has he to fight like a demon with a black-and-white cat who comes sometimes in the garden? This time he came back with a big wound under his left ear; I first thought it was superficial but a few days later it appears it was worst than that. The vet had to keep him one night for some surgery, in fact he has about 5cm (2") of stiches; and, of course, Elizabethan collar (Tudors fashion?), which is what upsets him the more LOL. This being said, he's patient with cares (I just have to clean once a day with Betadine and give him antibiotics, crushed in yogourt that he's so fond of, thanks God). As going outside is strictly forbidden, he's even more affectionate, which explains why the Fox & Ratty calendar isn't going ahead very fast, sorry!
Pomponnet and his Elizabethan collar
News from the sky: as everywhere (or almost) in Europe, we're under snow. It snowed yesterday and probably a good deal last night, so this morning we had about 12cm of white carpet. Now temperature is a little above 0° and packs of snow are falling from trees and roofs. I'll have to put salt again on the sidewalk this evening as it should freeze tonight.

So here are some pics of the back garden...
The back garden under snow

One of the lilacs, so heavy with snow the branches are almost reaching the ground:
Lilac under the snow

And the veranda roof, after icicles there's patches of snow falling with a soft pooof:
Veranda roof under the snow
NB— the furin (風鈴)–chime – lost its paper clapper a few weeks ago during a little storm. I'll wait for a milder weather to make a new one. And I must find a beautiful sentence to write upon it, before there was just something telling it was a "good taste chime" XD

Fox & Ratty 2011 calendar

As I said in the last post, it's going ahead slowly. I'm very late as usual, though I had the best intentions... But for a while I wondered if I was going to make one at all.
So this year Fox & Ratty are taking care of "great inventions" that changed human (and rat) life. In their own special way of course...
State of works: 12 detailed sketches, 5 inked, one coloured... and the cover idea is ready (in my head, that is). I'll make the usual sizes, wall and desk, in English and in French (aqualegia, I'll send soon an e-mail with the English lines so you can correct them).
To give you an idea, the inventions (following chronological order) are:

- Fire
- Wheel (Sumer)
- Papyrus paper (Aegypt)
- Alchemy (not very scientific but the result was dear to Ratty's heart)
- Printing press
- Telescope
- Electricity
- Photography
- Plane
- Parachute (not Da Vinci's, more modern one)
- PC (yup, Fox invented it!)
- Ever shrinking cellphone

I know, some of those aren't the most important ones in the world, and greater inventions lack, but pun ideas come first!

Sorry I haven't the prices yet, should be the same or so as last years, though the on-line site I'm having them printed by is increasing prices every year... Last time it was a few cents short of cost price :o/
Let's add that the drawings will be full page coloured, as in 2009 (Hercules' Works). Last year the cartoons were far more simple but I was still under the shock of Mom's death.