December 31st, 2011


A Happy New Year from F&R...

Sorry for not cartooning for so long, and I'm not any closer to do so, but at least I can write a little dialogue that came to my mind last night (another insomnia, sigh).
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- Fox: Happy New Year everybody!!!!
- Ratty: [Opening a champagne bottle, POP] Yeaaaah! Happy New Year 2012!
- Fox: I wish you'll enjoy the incoming 356 days!!!
- Ratty: [Flabbergasted] What's that count?
- Fox: [Doctoral] Well 2012 is a leap year, you know.
- Ratty: Yes, so it's 366 days.
- Fox: [Dramatic] But the World will come to Its End on December 21st.
- Ratty: Stupid!
- Fox: [Furious] Unbeliever!
- Rattty: [Smirk] I can't wait to see your face on December 22nd's morning...
- Fox: [Pouting] And me yours.
- Ratty: [More smirk]...
- Fox: [Understanding] Oh shit.
- Ratty: Know what? We make a bet. If your Aztecs are wrong, you'll offer me on Christmas, huh, a whole Gruyere. PDO.
- Fox: [Determined] Okay! And if I'm right, you'll offer me my weight in sunflower seeds, ah!
- Ratty: [Even more smirking, if possible] Agreed...
- Fox [Thinking a little]... Damn'! You cheating bastard!