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A site for a young double-bassist.

At least, the site of my new customer is on line. You can see it at http://marie.clement8.free.fr/index.html

Homepage and biography are in French, English and German. Agenda is in French and English.
I did my best to have it correctly displayed in Firefox, IE 7, 6, 5.5 and 5.01, Netscape (8.1 and 7.2), Opera (8.5 and 7.21). I can't check under Mac, alas.

BTW, under Opera there's a weird bug I can't find any solution to: the agenda and some parts of the biographies appear underlined like links, but not all the time, it comes and goes with vertical scrolling. Links are okay, I checked all the pages with W3C. It's xhtml 1.0 Strict. CSS have been checked too. Any idea?

Addendum: on Opera forum, it's explained this bug is due to justified text. But the *{text-align: left !important } only efficient hack is read by all browsers. And I can't spoil the display on *every* browsers to please Opera!!!

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