May 9th, 2014


Does anyone know this rose?

I ask because I can't remember the name and this year it's exceptionnaly strong and beautiful. I don't think it's Aloha though it looks a lot like it.
This rose bush has been moved to half-shade when installing the bench 2 years and a half ago; I hadn't bought any for years then so it's a relatively old creation, probably French.
When fully open the flower is over 4 inches broad. The perfume is “classical” should I say (no lemon, no pepper...) and strong. The cut flower can be kept many days in vase. It stands well the rain and remains a long time in bloom.
When opening the petals turn from pale pink to a light orange at the tip, the outer ones can be slightly purplish, and the simple heart is of a deep red, as you can see on the third photo. The buds are a pure red.
The stems are strong, the bush is up to 5 feet high right now; no grouped buds. There are thick thorns but only on the main stems.