August 7th, 2014


“The Rook”

Just finished reading it! I won't spoil, that would be a crime, capital one!
SciFiNow told about something like MIB or XF (add HP), and so did French TV news where I heard about it. I couldn't wait to buy it (in English, of course). And God, I wasn't disappointed!
I really wished for a sequel, you never get enough of such an awesome stuff, and I find “Stiletto” to pre-order on I hope they'll deliver fast, oh my.
Whilst waiting, I'd like to read fanfics, especially with Bishop Alrich (definitively my type of guy LOL), but I don't find any. There's no way nobody thought of writing about that, when the book was first published 2 years ago already...
En un mot comme en cent, if you haven't read it yet, DO IT!!!