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Fox & Ratty Cartoon Of The Day: Once a thief...


Once upon a time, I opened an account at LCL (formerly Crédit Lyonnais, state bank) to keep the portfolio I inherited from my last Daddy.

Recently, we realized there were some heavy work to do at Mom's house, ie the whole roof to be redone. Yes, arrrgh. I'm "nu-propriétaire", which means Mom has usufruct of the house but I'm the owner of the "walls", so big works are my part to pay.

Soooo... I went to the bank and like Foxy, I asked to have my portfolio sold and to receive a checkbook.

4 months later, no news. I called I don't know how many times, the lady in charge is never there, and she never calls back how many messages I leave on her phone. Contacting the "General Service" I obtained a personal code to connect to the bank site, and surprise! my "deposit account" has become a "litigation account". With which I can't have a checkbook, or make a transfer.

Litigation account are usually created when somebody is insolvent, or for a company in liquidation.

Weird, because for 12 years, they thought my money was okay to work with.

And now, for four months, they've been quietly seating on 27 710 €. Which is about 39,500 US$ or 19,300 GB£.

Do you think I should change bank????
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