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Once upon a time, I opened an account at LCL (formerly Crédit Lyonnais, state bank) to keep the portfolio I inherited from my last Daddy.

Recently, we realized there were some heavy work to do at Mom's house, ie the whole roof to be redone. Yes, arrrgh. I'm "nu-propriétaire", which means Mom has usufruct of the house but I'm the owner of the "walls", so big works are my part to pay.

Soooo... I went to the bank and like Foxy, I asked to have my portfolio sold and to receive a checkbook.

4 months later, no news. I called I don't know how many times, the lady in charge is never there, and she never calls back how many messages I leave on her phone. Contacting the "General Service" I obtained a personal code to connect to the bank site, and surprise! my "deposit account" has become a "litigation account". With which I can't have a checkbook, or make a transfer.

Litigation account are usually created when somebody is insolvent, or for a company in liquidation.

Weird, because for 12 years, they thought my money was okay to work with.

And now, for four months, they've been quietly seating on 27 710 €. Which is about 39,500 US$ or 19,300 GB£.

Do you think I should change bank????


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1st Oct, 2007 10:16 (UTC)
You should definitely charge them interest!
1st Oct, 2007 14:08 (UTC)
I can't but I'll try not to have to pay anything for closing the account for here it's always, "Free in, Paying out".
NB- Looooove your icon!!!
4th Oct, 2007 21:10 (UTC)
You're welcome to copy it if you want :)
1st Oct, 2007 10:34 (UTC)
Not only should you find a new bank as soon as humanly possible, you should most definitely get them to pay you back every cent you lost in those months that you had a litigation account without even knowing it. I mean, if it was a regular portfolio, you can look at today's value of the shares you used to have and see how much money you would still have if the bank hadn't turned your portfolio into something else. The lost money belongs to you.

Whatever bank charges they come up with - they have to pay. Whatever bank charges will come up when you change banks - insist that they pay it. Heck, I'd even insist that they make it up to you financially that you had to deal with this shit in the first place.

If you're looking for a good bank, try ING Direct. It's an online bank, but I've been with them the last five or so years, and I'm absolutely and totally happy. :)
1st Oct, 2007 14:06 (UTC)
I can't sue them for not paying interests, as I'm the one who asked to have my portfolio closed; but I asked for a checkbook too so it was clear I needed a running account. Their carelessness (I don't dare to think it could have been done voluntarily) deprived me of my rights for this lap of time. French running accounts aren't remunerated.
I have an appointment tomorrow with my usual banker to ask for her help. She's a very efficient lady. And this bank is a friendly society (where I have a running account, credit card, health insurance, etc).
1st Oct, 2007 11:53 (UTC)
Definitely switch banks! I'm sorry that happened to you.
1st Oct, 2007 21:17 (UTC)
When you're choosing a new bank, be careful! There's some odd stuff happening these days. I read this morning that one of the major Swiss Banks is in trouble and now there are rumours about Deutsche (sp?) Bank.
One thing's for sure, when mistakes happen in banks it's never in favour of the customer!!
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