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Once again my laptop is out... I bought this new battery only 5 weeks ago. Though it could be another problem. When I succeed in turning it on (for a few tens seconds) the almost-empty-battery icon is visible, but being connected to AC doesn't seem to change a thing. Could it be the power slot? I'm afraid, really afraid. I don't want to buy another lappy, it's too expensive. Okay, I have the big PC to work on, but I need to siphon off the content of the laptop's memory. Most of it is archived on my external HD, but not my last works. Aaaargh.
Thanks God I just finished my order, sent the invoice and saved everything on CDs.

No Grmph anymore, but ROTFLMAO

So, the repairman came, we checked the cables first and there it was, something in the AC connection. He left advising me to check the first cable (from AC to transformer as he couldn't check that piece outside from the workshop) before searching for another transformer. I looked in the various boxes upstairs and found one, tried it, it works!!!

Now the fine detail. Guess which is this cable I found? Hmmm? It's the cable of the audiotape-recorder that was used to save programs from the ZX81. For the youngsters around there who never heard of that, it was our very first computer in the 80s. A tiny keyboard connected to TV. Programing in Basic, b&w only, 1Kb of memory! You could add an external memory card but it was so unstable you were losing your work all the time...

See here.


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16th Oct, 2007 21:11 (UTC)
I remember those!! I hope you're going to be doing a calendar this year. If so, I'd like to pre-order ;)
18th Oct, 2007 17:09 (UTC)
Sure, I'm doing one! Thema is "the Labours of Hercules". Funny you ask because I'm starting to draw the cartoons right now... Ratty will play Hercules, and Fox the referee checking his exploits. On the cover you'll see "Hercules spinning at Omphal's feet". Fox will be Omphal too LOL
( 2 Mouthfuls — Munch On! )


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