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Fox & Ratty Cartoon Of The Day: Blood Ties (VBPI #12)

Thanks to aqualegia I became an addict to this excellent TV series (based on Tanya "Smoke series with Lea Nicholas" Huff books). I must admit Henry (Kyle Schmid) is, ahem, charming. Dream would be to see an adaptation of the so-said Smoke series with Nick in "his" own role :ob

Anyway, I left my laptop working alone last night (and working well, phew) to burn a DVD with the first eps. It didn't burn anything, not my first try, even with Nero properly installed, it never, NEVER, accepted to burn a DVD. And the French pun came to me naturally, "Bonne nuit, Henry, mordez bien !"
Blood Ties
Tags: blood ties, fox & ratty, very bad pun indeed
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