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More on Twisted Siskel and Nick, by Rachel

I asked Rachel on the group if she could give us more details about their last concert.
Here's what she says:

"how was he dressed?
"Blue collared shirt and dark dockers.

"behave on stage?
"He has the words on stage with him, they just worked on the songs awhile back. I want to say he sings soulful. His eyes appear to be closed while he sings some songs.

"An instrument?
"he did shake this little ball of something that had like beads or beans inside. I know it has a name but cant think of it right now

"He didnt sing any of his own music.

"Let's dance?"
"afraid not. he sang the beatles, tom jones, and who ever sings stay with me.

"When he wasnt singing he was walking around the bar, just like the rest of us :) He seemed very casual. I look at him this way, he's a normal guy just like any of us, but he has a great gift.

"The band was great! I come from a family who enjoys local bar bands. the band joked with each other. I'm not sure how long the show went on for. Got there at 10 and they where setting up. THey had a couple of singers go on before nic, i want to say he went on at 11. he sang like 3-4 songs, if i remember and then more people sang after him. I left about 12:30ish.

"I dont know if an announcement was made when or where they would be playing next, though i would love to know myself (weather or not nic will be there, its a great band)

"Photos where being taking by someone. was it being recorded? i dont know.

"Any more questions? I'm up for the challenge"

So it's up to you! Ask and I'll transmit :ob
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