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Fox & Ratty Cartoon Of The Day: Joker!

Nick officially singing, sob. I had to celebrate. YEAH!
Believe me, those two songs by Nick were most needed.

Not only did my Mom achieve to destroy her TNT remote (TNT = Télévision Terrestre Numérique), my "universal" remote couldn't work; though I had to search the Web for the instructions for use (lost) and the codes (that wouldn't work eventually!) To make a long story short, I bought her another one on eBay, cheap but sufficient.
And this morning, surprise! My all-new HP scanner refused to work. Or rather it worked but very weirdly. Picture was dark blue and black. Okay, it suffered a *little* shock a few days ago, ahem.
I sent an e-mail to the seller, professional, but of course he's in Germany and the scanner is pretty heavy (it does slides and negatives too).
I tried to re-install my old Canon scanner that stopped to work (that's why I bought a new one, dude) and O! miracle, it's working again... So you can see Ratty singing, Foxy pissed off and "Poker-face" Fluffy. Phew.
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