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Travel to Slash-Land

I've been reading some good books lately, meaning slash e-books (I download pdf format, but more are usually available) and the cost is ridiculous.
So I think I should share some addies if you don't know of them already...

  • Amber Quill: That's where Mrs Rhodes is published

  • Jamie Craig: two co-author ladies, I enjoyed very much the "Master" series about a vampire who's a PI with a human lover (BDSM, extrem)

  • Slash & Burn: A weblog for several authors

  • Ally Blue: pages of the author, some free short stories

  • Man Love Romance Authors: a repertory of M/M authors, still to explore

And I just ordered the books 2 to 5 and the collection of short novels from the "Blood Ties" series by Tanya Huff. I read "Blood Price" (first volume) after the "Smoke" series, and enjoyed it, but I don't know why, I saw Henry Fitzroy as somebody older, in his 40s (hey, I'm not a specialist in England History!) I was so enthralled by the TV series with Kyle Schmid that I want to re-read "Blood Price" and go on with the rest of the series LOL. I watched the TV series through Torrent and I can't wait for the official DVD. And the second season!

PS- I want more of the "Smoke" series!!! with "Lea Nicholas", of course :ob
Tags: blood ties, e-books, gay-erotica, kyle schmid, m/m, slash, tanya huff, vampire

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