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Thanks to all,

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Mom's again in hospital as this morning she was ever weaker. Her nurse left her in her bed but didn't tell anybody, she didn't call me, so it's her cleaning lady who found a closed door. We called SAMU (=911) and she was taken to ER in the departemental hospital in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. I phoned several times and they think she has something in her throat. I hope it's a polyp or something like that. Because if she's suffering a CVA, she will never be able to eat normally anymore, you see what I mean, perfusion, gastric sound, etc.
She should undergo a scanner tomorrow and perhaps a "fibroscopie", I don't know the English word. Wait and see... I won't be able to go tomorrow, only Saturday, but I'll phone of course.


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29th Nov, 2007 20:29 (UTC)
Sorry to hear about your mother, hon. I hope the test goes well and she gets better soon. Good thoughts and wishes.
29th Nov, 2007 20:31 (UTC)

I hope they found out what it is and that it's something easily fixable.
29th Nov, 2007 20:34 (UTC)
*big big hugs*

In English, I think it would be "laproscopy". I had a procedure like that a few years ago. They will most likely sedate her and she shouldn't have much discomfort after.

I am thinking of you and your Mom and sending you many many hugs.
29th Nov, 2007 21:04 (UTC)
Still sending many positive thoughts to you and your mother!

29th Nov, 2007 21:14 (UTC)
I do hope the test goes well and the doctors are able to make her more comfortable.
29th Nov, 2007 22:00 (UTC)
Wishing all the best for you and your mother!
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29th Nov, 2007 23:28 (UTC)
Best wishes to you and your mom, Kand! I hope the doctor's take good care of her and she heals quickly!
29th Nov, 2007 23:53 (UTC)
*hugs tight*
I'm so sorry you can't be there with her. It must be agony for you both. And all of you are in my prayers, you, Mama, and of course, Paul. May the eyes of God be upon you.
30th Nov, 2007 02:08 (UTC)
How awful that your mom was essentially abandoned by her nurse that way. :-( But at least she's got someone to take care of her now while she awaits her tests. You and your mom and Paul will be in my thoughts.
30th Nov, 2007 10:54 (UTC)
Oh hon, ::hugs you tight:: I hope that everything goes all well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mum.
1st Dec, 2007 23:17 (UTC)
I hope everything goes fine and your Mom gets well quickly and is able to go home soon. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you are taking care of your Mom and your husband.
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