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Mom's news

They moved her yesterday from Villeneuve to another hospital in the area (lack of beds for one, and the other hospital is more geriatrics-oriented).
I visited her today. As they fear infection (the nurses told me about possible tuberculosis) I had to wear a mask, gown and gloves, and hand-wash with red Betadyne when leaving. No taking risk I washed my hair and changed when arriving home - for Paul, I've been vaccinated as everybody in my generation.
She felt better, obviously, she could swallow some liquid food, so I think muscles in her throat aren't paralyzed after all, thanks God. She's patient, which is good as I couldn't subscribe for a TV right now (nothing works during weekend, of course). I'll do that next Monday, and bring her her reading glasses and some cats magazine :o)
She coughed only a very little whilst I was here and seemed to breath normally. She speaks more clearly too. I told her of all your messages; she doesn't know you but it made her smile.

{{{{{Hug you all}}}}}}


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1st Dec, 2007 16:44 (UTC)
I've only just got back online after a long absence :( So very sorry to hear this news. My fingers are crossed. I know how scary it feels (dad is awaiting a triple bypass operation on Tuesday) ... and it's horrible horrible :((

***BIG HUGS***
2nd Dec, 2007 10:14 (UTC)
Nom d'un petit bonhomme, c'est encore pire. Je pense bien à toi et à ton père, ma grande. Tu nous tiens au courant, hein ? Je t'embrasse bien fort.
1st Dec, 2007 17:02 (UTC)
I'm glad she's able to swallow and that she's in a hospital that sounds like it will take good care of her now. ~big hugs~
1st Dec, 2007 20:22 (UTC)
So good to hear your mom is feeling better! All my best wishes, and hope she feels better, and you keep positive!
1st Dec, 2007 21:00 (UTC)
Really glad to hear this positive news. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts.
2nd Dec, 2007 00:42 (UTC)
That's great news. I hope she continues to improve quickly and that they figure out what was wrong so your Mom can prevent it from happening again.
2nd Dec, 2007 01:16 (UTC)
I'm so glad your mother is feeling better and able to swallow liquid. That's very good news!

I'm also glad our messages make her smile! That can only be a good thing! *g*

Still sending positive thoughts to you and her.

3rd Dec, 2007 04:40 (UTC)
:) I'm glad your mom is feeling better.
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