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Mom's news

First, tuberculosis was set aside. More exams will explain why she's still choking sometimes on food. At least, there's no more isolation caution so I could kiss her :oD
As she lose weight she has to eat enough to get her strength back and they won't let her go before she's in better shape.
On the bad side, they found a lump on her left breast (she suffered cancer on the right side years ago, had a masectomy and radiotherapy). She must have an exam at Henri-Mondor, the big hospital where she already went then, but it's difficult to have an appointment as always. The doctor who's in charge of her at Emile-Roux (a very kind Vietnamese guy) told me she insists to be back home before Xmas... He's doing his best to make it possible :o). If he can't have this appointment before she could go in "external lookup".
Anyway she must have PT to help her walk better.
I explained her about some of the exams, telling her it's better to have all of them done right now, rather than leave and have to come back... She agrees. She's a very reasonable lady, my Mom!

On the rant side... I had an appointment at 3pm with the main doctor. She never showed up, I waited for half an hour for nothing, before the Vietnamese doctor (see upside) answered me very kindly (and told me I should have asked for somebody. I DID!)
I used public transportation to come back... Result, I waited more than 20' in rain and wind to have a bus with no empty seat. Things only went worse, more than half an hour to reach home, with students filling more and more the bus (they're not allowed too, it's the regular bus). My legs were killing me, I almost couldn't stand at the end. From 6 or 7 until 40, I didn't stop leaving my seat to older people... Now that I need it, nobody care anymore! In fact, all the seats were continuously occupied by teenagers.

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