kanld (kanld) wrote,


We had Mom's scintigraphy results, good ones as there are no metastasis in her bones eventually.
Yet she still can't eat properly, she lose some 7 kilos in 10 days. They'll perform a fiberscope inspection Monday morning under general anaesthetic this time, Thanks God. Her mood is what you can expect when you're in a hospital geriatric section.

Totally OT, I'm not really aware of what happens on the Net currently; it looks like they're creating fancy blogs, probably with a generator software, using key-words with an impact. See here: http://backkitgo.blogulmeu.net/2007/12/27/the-nicholas-lea-church-of-jesus-christ-holds-worship-services-on-sunday/
That's a weird mix! At least it would prove our Nick is a "good" key-word.
Either that or Pastor Eric has come to life with a very, very open mind ROTFLMAO
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