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We had Mom's scintigraphy results, good ones as there are no metastasis in her bones eventually.
Yet she still can't eat properly, she lose some 7 kilos in 10 days. They'll perform a fiberscope inspection Monday morning under general anaesthetic this time, Thanks God. Her mood is what you can expect when you're in a hospital geriatric section.

Totally OT, I'm not really aware of what happens on the Net currently; it looks like they're creating fancy blogs, probably with a generator software, using key-words with an impact. See here: http://backkitgo.blogulmeu.net/2007/12/27/the-nicholas-lea-church-of-jesus-christ-holds-worship-services-on-sunday/
That's a weird mix! At least it would prove our Nick is a "good" key-word.
Either that or Pastor Eric has come to life with a very, very open mind ROTFLMAO


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29th Dec, 2007 15:02 (UTC)
Unfortunately, if people are starting to use word generators in blogs to gain visibility (because blogs have become important within the search engines' algorithms for determining which pages are most relevant to a search query--almost anything you post to one can be googled and found to be indexed, high in the results, almost immediately), what we're probably going to see is Google dumping blogs from its algorithm. The same thing happened with the keyword tag when people started to misuse it back in the early days--stuffing it (or the visible page) with dozens or hundreds of repeats of a desired keyword in the hopes that the page would attract the SE's attention as 'relevant'. Result: the engines dropped any consideration of the keyword tag, and now it's virtually useless.

Everybody wants to cheat the system, and in the process they only succeed in getting the features they toy with discounted as sources of valid information. Sigh. And of course, as an actual human searcher there are few things as frustrating as seeing a page in the SERPS (search results), going there and finding it's all garbage, just someone toying with search terms in an attempt to gain page hits, but most distinctly not offering you the information you hoped to find.

Glad you updated about your mom. I hope they can find a way to help her very soon!
29th Dec, 2007 15:37 (UTC)
You're right about search engines. It's a constant brain-teaser for a webmaster to enhance referencing of a website. Search engines are protecting themselves from cheating which is perfectly understandable, but they can do so only by changing their rules all the time. Once against honest creators end being frustrated in their attempt to do a correct work that could be useful to their customers and users.
29th Dec, 2007 16:48 (UTC)
If you don't already know about it, you might try poking around Jill Whalen's High Rankings forum. She's one of the top names in SEO and has found consistent (though not instant) success by doing things the right way: approaching SEO from what will inform the engines, but also make a site best for its human visitors. She always stresses that it's not just about whether you're ranking #1 in Google for your big key phrases, but whether your site is effective enough as a whole (including effective copywriting that actually engages the site visitor, and clean design) to result in actual action (sales or whatever you're looking for from your site.)

Good stuff in there. Her newsletter is also valuable; you might want to subscribe to that. You can reach the sign-up from her main page on the right.
29th Dec, 2007 17:41 (UTC)
Continued good wishes for you and your mom.

(And LOL at that search engine result)
29th Dec, 2007 18:19 (UTC)

I'm glad your Mom showed no metastasis in her bones. Sending many well wishes her way.

And to you ::many hugs::

31st Dec, 2007 18:32 (UTC)
That is very good news about your Mom. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts, and Paul too. *big big hugs*
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