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I didn't give news for a while, because I'm half asleep, half busy and half upset. I know, it's too many halves, but it's a classic in French theater (Marius). Only it was four thirds. I think.

I'm sleepy because I'll never get used to wake up *early*, ie 9am, to feed Mom's cats and clean their shit (literally). I know it's not early at all, but to me it is, whatever I do I can't succeed in sleeping before 1 or 2am, that's just not me.

I'm busy because I have some drawing orders (for a leaflet). The director of the local association which is doing the housecleaning here is amused with my cartoons, so he asked first for one for their New Year Greetings, and now for the new leaflet. It's a kind of comic strip, 9 "boxes", to cover their main activities. With my currently toasted brains it took me at least two weeks to find ideas and put them on the paper, but we came to an agreement and I'm through half of the work right now. And there's more to come, he needs a landscape sketch for the settlement of a square in a nearby village. He'll give me a ride next Tuesday so I can shoot some photos of the place, I know it but I need the exact aspect of existing buildings (which are mostly historical monuments, I believe) and to do some quick drawings with his ideas.

And I'm upset because of Mom, of course. She had gastrostomy surgery three days ago as she won't be able anymore to eat otherwise than with a catheter, her oesophagus is strangled in two places. It's a sequel to radiotherapy she underwent 13 years ago for a breast cancer (and now there's a new tumor on the other side but at 82 it won't evolve quickly). In those days radiotherapy was heavy and not very precise, and lot of people were dying young. Today, thanks God, old people are still with us, but they start to show that kind of sequels, and there will be more and more as time goes by, better to know it and be prepared. Our surviving elders won't have an easy life on the end.

She still has to undergo a biopsy (to know if the tumor can be taken care of with hormonotherapy, the lightest treatment they can think of) and a lungs scanner because they're a somewhat clogged up. She should be back home at the end of January, but first the HAD ("hospitalisation à domicile", home hospitalization) has to be fixed. They should take care of most aspects of her life at home, but I still need to find a better cleaning lady, almost hospital level I think; and there's the cats problem, her two pets are lovely but rather messy, not hygienic at all. And of course taking them from her isn't even thinkable.

On the entertainment side I downloaded ep 10 of Blood Ties and last MIT with Nick, but I haven't watched them yet. I'd like to enjoy them quietly and I'm not in the mood, really. I'm content with listening to Canucks games podcasts (though they're losing!) and audio-drama on BBC7 on line. Lot of sci-fi, Discworld adaptations and whodunnits, the kind of things I can listen to whilst drawing. I try to read but I can only go over 3 or 4 pages of fantasy before falling into a dreamless sleep ("The Worm Ouroboros"). I downloaded the trailers and teasers to Torchwood season 2 with Miro, it's promising, I hope the eps will be quickly available on Minnova. On TV, I don't miss Doctor Who (it's already 2007 season here) and Re-Genesis. I saw "Nick Cutter", not bad but not as, well, exciting. I realize I'm rather looking for opera or ballet those days.
On Nick's front <3 "Bienvenue à Whistler" (it's the French title) is re-airing. As I missed the 1st week and some eps now and then, I'll record it again, not for the story :o/ but to be able to do good screencaptures. Later.

I heard something about Pierce Brosnan in a short movie magazine (Ciné-Zoom, which is just promotion in fact) but didn't quite get it, so I don't know if it was about Butterfly on a Wheel (Shattered). I try to watch that again, but of course I keep missing it, when usually I try to *avoid* it! I'd like to know if it's about the right movie, and then what's the French title. They talked of Brosnan's part as one of a black-mailer?

"Butterfly on a Wheel" (Shattered) is entitled "Le chantage" (the blackmail) in French and has been airing since January 2. I'd like to watch it but it's not in the next theater and I'm too tired to run all around right now. Too bad. And I don't see Nick in the trailer (http://www.allocine.fr/video/player_gen_cmedia=18785073&cfilm=109245.html)

French poster:
Le chantage
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