kanld (kanld) wrote,

Dr Who SE0407: The Unicorn and the Wasp

I loved it! It was "brilliant"!

For those who haven't seen it, it would be a crime ;) to unveil the plot. Yes, it was such a brilliant idea to make a murder mystery episode, and with Agatha Christie "in the flesh". Plus, being inspired by a book cover to insert an alien in a sleuth story, waoh! I adore when the Doctor started the usual "debriefing" in the living-room. And all the little secrets revealed LOL
Not forgetting the meaningful looks between the (younger) son and his servant Gladstone. QAF is never far from DW.

I listened to the weekly commentary on BBC7 (missed the week before, damned! But I'm sure we'll have those audio bonus on the DVD) and it was fun to learn that the kitchen scene, where the Doctor "detoxes" using a lot of unexpected ingredients, came from an old DW comic strip.

Donna isn't my favourite companion yet, human but a little "pale", but she gains weight now. Her reflex to use the magnifying glass to burn the wasp, well done. And thinking of kissing the Doctor as a healing "shock", it sure was one ROTFL.

Ah, too bad we have to wait two weeks for the next episode, Eurovision isn't my cup of tea.

Thanks God, I have some audio-books (new read by D. Tennant and older ones) to hold on.
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