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Some photos from Mandres

Wild Rose

Wild Rose
Wild Rose
White Wild Rose
White Rose & ladybird
Yellow iri
Grey and purple irises
Roses next the well
Rose with a drop of rain
Désespoir du peintre
We call those "Despair of the painter"
A Summer Sky in Springtime
A summer sky in May.


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26th May, 2008 19:01 (UTC)
Ooh, pretty! Our roses aren't blooming yet (though there are buds), but our iris are going crazy, putting out a riot of color. So cool to see your garden again.
26th May, 2008 19:13 (UTC)
It's a real explosion this year, not only in our garden. I think the succession of one month of rainy cold weather, followed by 2 or 3 weeks of really hot weather then one of heavy, regular tepid rain did the trick. It's a jungle!
26th May, 2008 19:15 (UTC)
Those are gorgeous! I wish it was rose time here :)
28th May, 2008 12:52 (UTC)
It's normal time here ("from May to first frost") but the amount is unusual.
26th May, 2008 19:33 (UTC)
Beautiful photos!
28th May, 2008 12:52 (UTC)
Thank you Sandra :o)
26th May, 2008 20:06 (UTC)
Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, kand. I really want to see France for myself one day. :)
28th May, 2008 12:54 (UTC)
It's classical Ile-de-France here, landscapes are far more various, like in Germany I'm sure.
26th May, 2008 20:17 (UTC)
These are beautiful!!
28th May, 2008 13:18 (UTC)
Thank you :o)
I took back the Olympus camera, it's lighter than the Canon EOS.
26th May, 2008 20:56 (UTC)
Kand, your'e so lucky, to have such a garden! :o)
Have you a garden-pond? A Hedgehog maybe?
28th May, 2008 13:01 (UTC)
No pond, but we have two wells (one on the backside, and one on the front side we share with our neighbour). They're both in use but the water isn't drinkable of course (pollution!). And no hedgehog, we're in the middle of the village with high stone walls. Lot of birds though as the garden is a good shelter and I feed them in winter (and give them the old bread too). Sparrows, blackbirds, fat pigeons, magpies. BTW, one of the blackbirds learned to imitate a ringing phone, which can be pretty annoying when you're having a nap...!
26th May, 2008 23:54 (UTC)
Those are so gorgeous!! I love irises and roses! :) Thank you for posting pretties!
28th May, 2008 13:02 (UTC)
Flowers gorgeous all by themselves, for I haven't a green hand and let them live their lives...
27th May, 2008 02:13 (UTC)

What beautiful gardens!

Do you live in Mandres? J. and I had never heard of it, but I looked it up at Wikipedia and saw where it is.

The last photo is great, too! =>}

28th May, 2008 13:16 (UTC)
Yes, I live in Mandres-les-Roses, such called since between WW I and II because there were a lot of flowers producers. It came to almost a full stop with the "oil shock" (1973), greenhouses becoming far too expensive to maintain. We're 23km SE of Paris. We've been here for over 30 years now, and the village has changed a lot, with lot of "housing development". Lot of car traffic too, noise; well I suppose it's the same everywhere.
The village appeared in the Middle-Age, before it was only a forest halt for shepperds, though there's traces of megaliths around.
Our house is in the oldest part of the village, it must have been built circa 1830, but it's far from being the older one.
28th May, 2008 14:15 (UTC)

That's very interesting! Thanks for the details. It's just a lovely spot.

So are all these roses in YOUR garden? =>}

28th May, 2008 13:25 (UTC)
The house seen from the sky
You can see "us" with Flash Earth here:
Zoom in, you're on the roof LOL. On the right-top is front side (small garden along the street, said "the yard") and the "real" garden is on the left-bottom (till the little parking lot).
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