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Barrowman on Shakespeare...

... today on BBC7 (radio), as he's the week guest in "Desmond Olivier Dingle's Compleat Life and Works of William Shakespeare", episode 5, which will air at 5:30pm, UK time (it's 18:30 CET). Don't hurry, you'll be able to listen to it for one week as BBC7 keeps 7 days archives available on line.

See on BBC7 site. I find it works better under yerk-IE.

And BTW, if like me you're a fan of audio drama, theater, book reading, etc, there are treasures hidden there for the take. Lot of sci-fi, mystery, thriller and classics too. Note: each Sunday, Doctor Who audio commentaries on the last episode. This week, about "Midnight", comments are by the sound engineers. I didn't realize they had such a work done, especially on this particular episode.
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