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Impostor(s) using Nick's name >:(

I found this site: nicholaslea[dot]net- I don't write it properly because I refuse to help bots referencing it. It looks like a link farm, w/o any relation to Nick. The hosting seems to be some orangesarecool[dot]com whose intentions I really don't understand.

Any idea? I don't think Nick is interested in protecting his name on the Net, and anyway it's almost impossible to buy all imaginable names unless you're a big company. I find reprehensible this way of using a known person's name as a bait, when the content of the site is totally irrelevant. The so-said oranges already owns several domain names about David and Matt Dallas, among else.


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25th Jun, 2008 22:43 (UTC)
I think they buy up and preregister celebrity domain names and try to resell them to fansites at a profit, but I'm not sure. :/
25th Jun, 2008 23:22 (UTC)
::nods:: I hate it when that happens. Those sites are *so* annoying.
26th Jun, 2008 04:41 (UTC)
They don't just buy up celebrity names, they buy up just about any key phrase. And because they have a lot of related keywords on the page, they end up with high rankings that they of course don't deserve because the sites have no real content. I hate it when I do a search looking for something and end up at one of those sites. All I can figure is that they're making money selling advertising space to the people whose links appear in the middle of the page.

But truly, they suck.
26th Jun, 2008 16:24 (UTC)
If search engines' algorithms are up-to-date, they identify link farms for what they are, ie black hat strategy, and black-list them. This page should even *not* be referenced!
26th Jun, 2008 17:11 (UTC)
True, but obviously there are a lot of sites that are still getting away with this sort of thing, because I come across them regularly in the first page of SERPs. It's always extremely frustrating to go out looking for information and click into one of these 'nothing' sites.

My guess is that Google is working on it, because when you find three or four of these 'empty' sites in your first page of search results, you're going to trust the search engine less. But as usual, black hatters are scheming to keep one step ahead of the 'cops', in this case the Google people who are writing the algorithms.
26th Jun, 2008 11:25 (UTC)
I'm with you - this is a very despicable practice.
26th Jun, 2008 14:06 (UTC)
also, when a fansite goes black, the domains are put up for sale and they are picked up very cheap, with the intention of reselling. Still crummy, but there ya go.
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