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F&R Cartoon: EU Presidency

Sarkozy EU
For my LJ friends outside European Union, the 27 countries are presided by executive authority of each country, each one in his/her turn, changing every 6 months. Since yesterday it's our French President, Sarkozy (aka the Angry Smurf) who's in charge. And for half a year, our co-citizens are going to enjoy his very egotistical way of ruling. Here he's called "Président Bling-Bling".

PS, ranting - The delivery boy from the supermarket just came. He excuses himself a lot for leaving a few step marks in my corridor. "Don't mention", I say, "we're in country". And he put everything heavy in a single paper bag. Whose bottom torn away when I tried to lift it up. So, two glass bottles of fruit juice exploded (cranberry and prune, for those interested). And my corridor, and part of the kitchen where drowned in sticky fruit juice and glass shards. I just had to wash down all the floor, after wiping off every other items. What a wonderful way to end the day. Yeepee. I called and they're refunding me, of course, but I hope they take it from his paycheck!


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2nd Jul, 2008 18:55 (UTC)
Let Sarko and Angie clash - and be sure that she wins, she always does! And if not she´ll hit him with her handbag :-).
2nd Jul, 2008 19:15 (UTC)
Yeah, bring on the handbag! Aim first at the heel pieces! And finish with the Rolex... LOL
2nd Jul, 2008 23:00 (UTC)
LOL I love their newspapers!
3rd Jul, 2008 07:31 (UTC)
Ratty is a long-time subscriber to The Dairy News. I didn't know Fox was reading The Abductee, but he never misses The Sunflower Producers and Munchers Monthly. Some years ago, he won their annual contest and was delivered his weight in sunflower seeds. One happy fox, he was!

Edited at 2008-07-03 07:31 (UTC)
3rd Jul, 2008 07:59 (UTC)
ROFL Love their newspapers.

Sorry to hear about the bottles... If it was my hallway I'd be discarding carpeting :(
3rd Jul, 2008 10:57 (UTC)
No carpets, thanks God and my practical mind, the whole groundfloor is tiled. Though I immediately moped, this morning I saw there were still a lot of big sticky patches. I just re-washed with super-cleaner spray and hard rubbing. I'm dead (and boiling) :o/
4th Jul, 2008 18:15 (UTC)
They ought to reimburse the cost of the cleaning products, too. I can imagine you mopping up and ranting about idiots and paper bags. You need to send Ratty to have a few words with them!
5th Jul, 2008 13:21 (UTC)
Yikes, what a mess, poor you having to clean all that up. They should have taken more care.
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