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[106.2-} My mistake yesterday, it was really one more, humph.

Huh, aqualegia, Fox has a suitcase filled with € for you. But Ratty is watching it with a greedy eye. You'd better tell me how much before he leaves with it... LOL

I've been working for 2 days now on the project of revamping my sanskrit site, using what I learned about SEO. That's no fun to audit your own work, really. I have good results on my keywords on main search engines, but why do my visitors use mostly other words?!

I must re-do the gallery too and I can't use frames, or iframes, with xhtml. I don't feel for a javascript I don't understand and can't control, so I think I'll have to use a <div> with overflow and scrolling. There won't be that much pictures in each gallery. Your mind?

Tomorrow I have my second injection in my knee. Gotta hurt. And it will -maybe- alleviate the pain in two months only... I hate arthrosis! And the air hammers are destroying all my street, all day long. I can't even open the window when it's so hot here! Either you're able to have vacation and calm, or you're not and you take all of it. Grmph.


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