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Even more problems and some solution

Things are going worst! My laptop screen is dead... Not because of the Trojan I caught, it started to falter about 10 days ago. Presently I'm connected to the monitor of the PC.
I decided to buy a new laptop, I didn't want to buy anything for my BD (but Andromeda season 4 pack, because of Niiiiick) but I have to.
I decided for a Dell- good brand, serious- as they advertise they can provide computers with Windows XP, and I don't want Vista, several of my softwares wouldn't be compatible I guess; I'm still using Photoshop 6 LOL
So I called and was told Windows XP is no more available, since last June, FUCK!!!
But the laptop I was interested in (Inspiron 1720), though sold with Vista, is compatible with XP, and I'll be able to change the OS. And it's not *too* expensive because the model won't be available anymore... next week. Ooops.
So I suppose my old laptop got blind just in time?
Yet, I still find unbearable Microsoft is imposing its OS even when European courts has condemned them for forced sale. I shouldn't have to buy Vista when I've already bought XP and don't want to use anything else.

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