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Can you check for me, please?

Do you see in the header the pic with Fox and his latptop, and Ratty reading the Dairy News?

I customized the LJ's CSS months ago but never realized that, perhaps, the picture remained invisible to others than myself... On the new laptop (christianized "RingADell" LOL) I first connected w/o logging in, and O surprise, no pics. On Ratchat aqualegia confirmed she had never seen anything else than a green band with the white title...
I suppose it's because I stored the pic on my LJ's gallery, which isn't available w/o logging. I uploaded it on one of my sites now, so it should be okay. At least I can see it when logged out.


5th Sep, 2008 13:29 (UTC)
Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou Bibi {{{{hugs}}}}

I'm slowly getting used to Vista, till now my old programs are working. Yet I'd like to uninstall WMP last version to install v.11 instead, but I can't find it in the softwares list. It's there, I used it yesterday, and that moron displayed Rodrigo's pieces for the guitar titles in Japanese! Does Microsoft has something against Spanish music?

I have to test Photoshop 6 for real, I just cleansed a little yesterday's cartoon. See how VLC works. Discover what the integrated webcam looks like. Also my scanner is working, but I haven't been able to install the ScanGear Toolbox, so it opens Photoshop each time I'm using the device, takes a little time.

I don't know if Foxy's laptop is okay, he hasn't plugged it yet, he's pawing it amorously. As long as he's keeping it closed when wanking over it...

BTW, beautiful icon :o)


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