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“American Venus”–my two cents (of euro)

I found a little difficult to take interest in the beginning of the story, the character of Celia (Rebecca de Mornay) looked rather improbable in RL, but quite the average from an American-movie-European-watcher point of view :o). She became far more interesting when slipping into madness, I'd just wish the evolution to have been slower. All the same, her “healing” was a little too fast to be credible. Yet the opposition between the mother and the daughter sounded less artificial. Dougie the Cop (Nick Lea) remains something of a mystery to me; perhaps because I didn't catch all his lines, as usual. I love your whisky-smokey voice, sweetie, oh yup! but you don't make it easy to my French ears LOL. I must conclude Dougie was either continuously drunk, or gun-and-sex-aholic like Celia, or both... because I can't imagine a responsible RCMP guy providing an obviously insane American lady with a gun–even with a small amount of ammo only (“I need to shoot.”–“Who?”). The scene at the range was hotter than hot; I'm sure I'm not wrong if I say it's the 1st time Nick mimes an orgasm on the screen, complete with foreplay and f...g. I must say I really liked the way Dougie seemed to enjoy the whole situation, like he was playing truant (hooky). He bursted in laughter like a little boy in a candy shop :o).
Let's add that Nick's role is 8'40" long (plus a short audio part on the phone), which is about 10% of the movie!
Tags: american venus, nick lea

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