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You can find actually in France voodoo dolls with the face of Président Sarkozy or Mrs Ségolène Royal (this lady was the former socialist candidate to presidency). They come with a dozen of pins and a little manual.
Sarko (aka Bling-Bling President) was furious and pressed charges for “illegal use of His picture”. Alas! Judges didn't agree.
It's the first time in history French justice dismisses a president...
Voodoo Doll
The designed areas are called things like “170%” (the pay rise Sarko allowed himself) or « Casse-toi pauvre con ! » (“Fuck off, sucker!”), an elegant way he had to address a simple citizen who dared to refuse shaking hand with him at Agriculture Fair...

Mrs Royal said she couldn't think of pressing any charges, and that if he goes on this way, Sarko will embargo « Le canard enchaîné » (the Chained Duck, an old, famous and very harsh political weekly).
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