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You can find actually in France voodoo dolls with the face of Président Sarkozy or Mrs Ségolène Royal (this lady was the former socialist candidate to presidency). They come with a dozen of pins and a little manual.
Sarko (aka Bling-Bling President) was furious and pressed charges for “illegal use of His picture”. Alas! Judges didn't agree.
It's the first time in history French justice dismisses a president...
Voodoo Doll
The designed areas are called things like “170%” (the pay rise Sarko allowed himself) or « Casse-toi pauvre con ! » (“Fuck off, sucker!”), an elegant way he had to address a simple citizen who dared to refuse shaking hand with him at Agriculture Fair...

Mrs Royal said she couldn't think of pressing any charges, and that if he goes on this way, Sarko will embargo « Le canard enchaîné » (the Chained Duck, an old, famous and very harsh political weekly).


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30th Oct, 2008 23:20 (UTC)
LOL! Sounds like he needs a pin sticking in him, let out a little of that hot air! I'd heard of those voodoo dolls, and the picture is hilarious. Really, he's contributing to his own discomfort. A President should really be above commenting on such things, don't you think? Letting everyone see him so hopping mad just makes it funnier. *g*

It seems he is very much disliked by the French people. Does anyone like him? Can a special election be called or are you stuck with him until the end of his term the way we are with ours?
30th Oct, 2008 23:51 (UTC)
Nah, we're stuck! The only thing that can prematurely ends his office is death– or such an awful action that it never occurred in the history of French republic. What's more he could be re-elected once after his first five years term, but this sounds highly improbable as seen from here.

About his popularity, he went lower and lower in polls since the beginning. He has no manners, makes his private life public then has a tantrum when newspaper criticize it, changes his mind three times between sunrise and sunset, contradicts his ministers, takes agitation for action. He sure gives a poor picture of our country beyond our borders and has already disappointed a good deal of those who voted for him.

I guess socialists could have won the election then, but the choice of Mrs Royal wasn't that clever. She had some charisma, but not a strong program, and the left wing was filled with inner contradiction (not that things are better now). Several socialists accepted a post in Sarkozy's government and they just lost all credibility.

For the next election, I believe left wing could have a chance, perhaps, with Bertrand Delanoë, Paris' Mayor. He has ideas, personality, charm, and isn't afraid to be himself. He's gay and came clearly out when it wasn't easy to do so in politics.

And for our American readers, no, Obama ISN'T socialist, far from it!!! But most Europeans would definitely like to see him at the head of US state, for he looks really open-minded and with a true insight of future.
1st Nov, 2008 18:20 (UTC)
No, he's definitely not a socialist, but the right-wing likes to try and paint him as one to try and frighten people into doing things THEIR way. It's fearmongering of the lowest common denominator.

One thing Obama HAS done is give this country hope again. We've been beaten down for eight years by an arrogant, selfish, narrow-minded President and a government that no longer even pretends to care about the will of the people. But now there is real excitement in the air and the joy you see at Obama's rallies is not a coincidence...people are so happy to have hope again. Once again we can almost imagine what it's like to have a President who is not only thought highly of by us, the American people, but by the world. I read an article the other day and I can't remember the exact figures, but it showed that Obama's approval ratings are staggeringly high in France, Germany, England and all over Europe. Most were in the 70-80% range!

I am hoping hoping hoping he wins on Tuesday. We need a change and a new beginning. The other side likes to make much of his lack of experience (while touting the virtues of a Vice Presidential candidate who doesn't even know what the Vice President's duties are) and hey, who knows, maybe he won't be able to do what he says, but I am willing to bet on him. Will be a great President? I don't know, but what I do know is we can't afford four more years of the same old thing.
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