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The Bookshelf

I read a lot, not as much as I'd like, but yet :o)
I should share my discovery with you, shouldn't I?

I discovered this English writer who lives in US (and who suspiciously looks like Peter Wingfield LOL) in “Shadows Over Baker Street”. This excellent anthology mixes the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft. Gaiman's short novel, “A Study in Emerald” is something of a masterpiece, of which I won't tell anything for it would be spoiler from the very first word.
I read then his own anthology, “Smokes and Mirrors”, which allowed me to discover a multi-faceted talent, as he writes short novels as well as novels or poetry, for children (of our time) and for hard-boiled adults. Each of his stories is original, unexpected, with a very personal touch.
Currently I'm reading “M is for Magic”, written for children but perfectly enjoyable if you're a grown-up :o)

I recently ordered a bunch of gay books:

I read “Ai No Kusabi”, vol.I (“Stranger”). I first thought it was an adaptation of the anime (two OAV that you can find subtitled by fans on Torrent), but in fact I learned the story was first a radio drama, then a novel, before becoming those two OAV. Some details of the novel are slightly different from the anime, but the atmosphere and the characters, of course, are the same. If you're a fan, you'll learn maybe more about the life and customs in Tanagura and Midas. I think there are at least 5 novels covering the two animes.
Beware, “Ai No Kusabi” is yaoï and one not for the faint of heart. Of course, it's NC-17.

I received today “Dirty Little Drawings”. It's a choice of drawings made in 2000 by a group of NY artists who decided to organize working groups of “academic nude figure drawing” asking for males who would accept to model beyond usual boundaries. The result was a successful exhibition where all works were the same size and same price, whoever the author and his celebrity. There's a great variety of medium (charcoal, watercolour, chalk, ink...) and subjects, as some artists kept to classical study (faces...) whilst others went into full porn. The book is a jewel. I just started to watch the works and now I'm itching... to draw what I used to draw when I was 18 LOL. I surely need to refresh my anatomy lessons, fluffy pets are not the best exercise when it comes to draw human figure!
Here's an example, a watercolour because I never thought of using that medium this way... It's a well-behaved enough pic yet I'll
William Donovan, male nude

I leafed again through “Tom of Finland, The Art of Pleasure”. Always a delight :ob.
I'll post some scans later, but on cherry_red as there are some spanking pics that should please our dear members!
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