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Found on Pop Culture Zoo, in the second part of a interview of Amanda Tapping:

PCZ: We also talked at Comic Con that you did a movie called Dancing Trees.

“AT: Yeah, I shot that around this time last year.

PCZ: Sounds like a powerful film and a powerful role for you.

“AT: I don’t have a huge part in the film but it’s sort of pivotal in that I play the mother of an autistic savant, who’s a remarkable young woman played by Katie Boland, a really cool actress. And for me having played Sam Carter and now Helen, there’s just something that was so different. She’s so soft and she’s struggled to raise this special needs child by herself. She has a quirky sister she has to deal with and at the heart of it all she’s trying to run this small business and trying to raise her daughter in a really difficult world. So it’s a very soft character. She’s very fierce and protective, but she also has this incredible warmth about her and is totally vulnerable and I loved it because it was just so different than what I normally get to play. She’s in pain a lot because she’s struggling. Not to say she isn’t strong, but she’s not afraid of her weakness whereas Helen is afraid to show her weakness and Sam didn’t always have the opportunity to show it.

“The reason I did this film wholeheartedly was because Anne Wheeler directed it. Anne Wheeler is this Canadian director who I’ve wanted to work with for years. I just think she’s brilliant and a very cool woman and someone as a woman in this industry I look up to for a lot of different reasons… as a director, producer and actor. But she’s also just a really amazing lady to hang out with. So when I got asked “Would you do this part, it’s not a huge part, but it’s in an Anne Wheeler’s movie?” I was like “Whatever! I’ll do it, I don’t care!” Then they sent me the script after I said yes, I loved the script and got to work with some really cool actors. Anne Wheeler was the reason I took that role and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”


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8th Nov, 2008 20:34 (UTC)
Thanks much for posting this, kaNd!
8th Nov, 2008 20:47 (UTC)
Thank you Susan :o). As our usual reporter in Nickland seems to have lost her interest in him, I'm going to do my best, but I surely doesn't have as many sources.
Any infos, even if I could find breathtaking ones LOL are free for the picking... No © or ™ or ®. I don't own Nick! I just want to beat the drum for him if I can.
( 2 Mouthfuls — Munch On! )


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