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“Butterfly on a Wheel”: captures (1)

It will be too many, as usual, but it's always so hard to choose! 32 pics, in three four posts. And I put them after a cut not to stuff your screen, after a smaller version of the first one to tease.
I think Jerry Crane looks like a David Lake who would have stayed at his narrow-minded company, instead of believing in his own creativity... And in this movie he's clearly a false McGuffin, hiding the real one.

Kinda of Arthus-Bertrand point of view:

Butterfly on a Wheel, 1

Butterfly on a Wheel, 1
Butterfly on a Wheel, 2

Literally an infinity of Nick:

Butterfly on a Wheel, 3
Butterfly on a Wheel, 4
Butterfly on a Wheel, 5
Butterfly on a Wheel, 6
Butterfly on a Wheel, 7
Butterfly on a Wheel, 8
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