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F&R Cartoon: Calendar 2009 in the making

I started to draw the next calendar of Fox & Ratty, that will sing the praises of “The Labours of Ratty” (Άθλoi των Ρ΄aττϒων). I thought of making that one last year, when I was grossly interrupted by Ratty because of Year of the Rat, and him taking the world over.
As you may know, a long time ago Ratty had to perform twelve very special tasks, which History would shamelessly give later some half-god called Hercules all the credit. Some will say that Ratty being a full god himself, those labours weren't *that* difficult to him. Let the jealous people speak.
All along the year, Fox will attend Ratty's exploits as King Eurystheos named him official referee. Here's a first portrait of our friend Fox in his working clothes.
Warning: some months, our pets' little packages could appear, though in a non-offensive way. Remember, guys, it's Ancient Greece.
Referee Fox
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