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Nicholas Lea in “Drive”: unaired sequences

[Info provided by pattikoala on the NickZone Yahoo!group]

'About two weeks ago' “Drive” creator Tim Minear uploaded some video extracts from unaired sequences on his Facebook pages, widely sufficient to regret with him the changes brought to the final cast.

Nota: you need to have an account on Facebook to watch them as you'll be asked to log in. I'm not skilled enough to copy video, so I just made screen caps from Nick and recorded soundtrack. I publish the vids on my own Facebook page with French comments, you never beat the drum enough for Nick :oD

First a pic from the scene with Ivan:
Nick as Mr. Bright in "Drive"

Nick Lea and Ivan Sergei in “Mr Bright scene” (4'20"):

Opening sequence; the race history is told by Nick (1'05" on 7'15"):

Prologue and "oner" (final cast, but history still told by Nick):
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